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6.8.9: 9. Oral Cancer - Depth of Invasion

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    • Distance from adjacent normal basement membrane to deepest point of cancer (Blue plumb lines)
    • Correlates with prognosis and occult nodal metastases
    • Preoperative assessment
      • Palpation +/- imaging
      • Must distinguish exophytic from invasive cancers (see adjacent figures)
    • T-stage increases with every 5mm
      • T1: Less invasive (≤5 mm)AfHNS Clinical Practice Guidelines Tongue FOM
      • T2: Moderate depth (>5 to ≤10mm)
      • T3: Deeply invasive (>10 mm)
    • Extrinsic muscle infiltration no longer a staging criterion for T4 because
      • Superseded by DOI
      • Limited extrinsic muscle invasion difficult to assess