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6.8.5: 5. AfHNS Guidelines for Evaluation of Oral Cancer- Key Points

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    • Squamous cell carcinoma (SCC) is the most common oral cancer
    • Histological diagnosis is essential and to exclude other malignancies like minor salivary cancers , melanoma, and inflammatory (e.g. TB) and traumatic causes
    • Surgery +/- adjuvant radiation therapy offers the best chance of cure for SCC of the oral cavity
    • Objectives of preoperative evaluation
      • Confirm diagnosis
      • Stage the cancer
      • Decide whether to offer curative or palliative treatment
      • Patient evaluation: Fitness, objectives, ability to complete surgery and postoperative radiation therapy, and ability to deal with the long-term consequences of treatment
      • Surgery
        • Plan appropriate surgery
        • Avoid inappropriate surgery
        • Avoid surgery beyond the scope of the surgeon