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8.7: Assignment- Tracking Nutrition

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    For one weekday (select a day that reflects how you normally eat), record all food and liquid you consume. Don’t forget about snacks, sodas, and high calorie condiments such as mayonnaise. Then, analyze your intake:

    • Go to the Cronometer website and create a username to sign in.
    • In the diary, add in all of the food and drink you consumed in one day.
    • Then, click on “Trends” and “Nutrition report” to compile a report about the calories and nutrients you consumed in a day. Take a screenshot or save that page as a pdf to submit your results.
    • Once you have compiled the report, in a separate document write your reflections about your information. Use the recommended dietary guidelines to compare your results with the recommended guidelines: In your reflections, answer the following questions:
      • What was your daily caloric intake? Did you exceed your recommended caloric intake? Did you meet your fruit and vegetable recommendation? Did you meet your fiber requirement? If not, what could you do to improve? How much fat did you consume, and of what kind? Did you exceed the recommendation? Did you consume too much sodium? Enough calcium? Did you consume too much cholesterol? How many empty calories did you consume? Are you happy with the overall results of the analysis? What do you need to change about your diet?
    • There will be two separate documents for this assignment: a pdf file (your report) and one Word document (your reflections).
    • Upload both directly via the link above in the same submission.


    Your work will be assessed using the following rubric:

    Criteria Absent Incomplete Complete
    Nutrition report 0 Points 0 Points 4 Points
    Reflection 0 Points 2.5 PointsUp to 2.5 if missing answers to some of the questions listed in the assignment instructions 5 Points: Well thought out reflection addressing all questions listed in the instructions. If you score poorly in one or more sections, be specific about the strategies you will use to correct the problem. For instance: write consume more yogurt, rather than consume more calcium; write limit frozen dinners (which are high in sodium), rather than decrease sodium consumption. When you name the food you create a more specific strategy.
    Results make sense 0 Points 0 Points 1 Point: Always make sure your results make sense. If your caloric intake for the day was 600 kcal for example, go back and see if you forgot to enter one or more of your meals/snacks. If you were sick and did not eat much all day, this is not a good day to select for this assignment (see instructions). If your daily calorie intake really is abnormally low (or high), please address it in the reflections so that I know you are aware of it and that you did not simply make a mistake when entering the data.
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