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11.12: Research Highlight

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    Learning Objectives

    Review and critically evaluate a scholarly, peer-reviewed, primary research publication.

    *Note: Each chapter of Introduction to Nutrition Science includes a Research Highlight like this one. The purpose of each of these is to extend your knowledge of the chapter content to relevant research. A primary research publication is one in which the results of the author's research contribute new knowledge to the field of study.


    In this chapter, you have been introduced to... In the following publication... As you read the publication linked below, consider the following questions:

    1. What are your initial thoughts regarding the aim of this publication?
    2. What is the question that the author is trying to answer with this publication?
    3. What methods did the author use to determine an answer to the question?
    4. What sorts of results did the author obtain, and how were those results analyzed?
    5. What types of references does the author use to support the publication?
    6. Do you agree with the conclusions to which the author came regarding an answer to the question?
    Primary Publication

    APA citation

    Further evaluation

    To evaluate this publication further, it might help to...


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